Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BLEACH LONDON Review // Blue hair don't care...

 So I've gone BLUE.
I've been a fan of BLEACH LONDON for quite some time. I follow their Tumblr blog and Instagram account and am always lusting after the candy-coloured creations the stylists post.
This edgy East London salon is renowned for pushing the fashion industry toward the fun, fresh and vibrant colours that are all over the catwalks and popping up in Vogue every other issue.
 The pastel trend has been everywhere the past two seasons, and now it's moving on up to hair too with Charlotte Free leading the pink parade last year with her amazing bright shade.
Now with model-of-the-moment Chloe Norgaard rocking her head full of rainbow coloured tresses all over the runway, it's a full-blown trend in itself to have bright, multi-coloured hair.
Soft peachy pinks and sugar-lilacs seem to be the most sought-after colours for AW.  
BLEACH LONDON are now bringing their colours to the UK masses. The new collection has been created in collaboration with Boots, and is now available online and in stores.
There are 3 steps: 'BLEACH - TONE - COLOUR' using their Total Bleach, White Toner and range of 12 Super Cool Colours which range from bright red through to pastels to sea green and inky blue.
Each Super Cool Colour retails at just £5 and last for 2-10 washes depending on the shade.
I personally would say the Awkward Peach and Rose colour will fade out the quickest, whereas the blues are much more of a stain and may need the Washing Out Liquid to completely get rid of the colour. All the colours have a nourishing, conditioning base so as not to dry out the hair. 


They also have a Dip-Dye Kit for ombre hair, Silver Shampoo and Conditioner to banish brassy tones, and a range of hair care products like the Reincarnation Mask and Split Fix Serum, and a Dry Shampoo.

I've never been very brave with my hair, having spent the majority of my childhood with a short bob and fringe. Scissors are now most definitely not my friend. The past few years I've stuck with a long, centre-parted honey/golden blond hue with plenty of root (possibly the easiest hairdo to maintain as no hairdresser visits needed!). Going bleach blonde was a pretty big change in itself.  But I've been easily tempted into this new wave of My Little Pony style hair, and fancied trying out a pastel shade. The fact that they're wash-out makes them much more appealing. I must admit I've bought quite a few of the colours, as I'm so indecisive. They've been on my shelf for a few weeks as I haven't been quite brave enough to do it myself, so I enlisted the help of my good pal and hairdresser Chelsea to do it for me. Much less effort and worry for me.

All day I was adamant on going pink, but at the last minute decided I fancied the Blullini shade. Chelsea painted on the colour all over my roots and mid lengths, and then she used the Parma Violets on the ends. The price is pretty reasonable, but I was surprised at how small the bottles are. However, I have quite long hair (and lots of it) and we used only half of the Blullini bottle, and a 3rd of the Parma Violets, so really it is quite value for money if it has 2 applications worth. I left it on for around 15 minutes, and then rinsed off in the shower. Strangely it turned the water pink!

The result is a mermaid-eque blue hue. The roots are almost turquoise in certain lights, and the ends are more an ultra-violet shade than the lilac that I was expecting. My hair was super white-blonde before, though some parts were a little brassier than others, so the colour has taken better in some areas. However it doesn't look patchy, more multi-tonal. I am extremely happy with the result and am definitely gonna try out the other shades when this fades.

images // my own/ BLEACHLONDON tumblr
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  1. your hair looks amazing!! I wish I could dye mine like that, and i love your blog!

    1. You should do it! Thanks babe <3 x

  2. Really cool blog I followed could you check mine out and give me some feedback please

    1. Thanks! What's your blog name? I'll be happy to check it out x

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post. Such a nice colour combo !!, I'm tempted to try it. But slightly nervous because I haven't dyed my hair before.Thinking of doing a dip dyed type thing, with the Blullini shade.

    Sophie x